Non Pharmaceutical ACTION PLAN
for Surviving the Pandemic War in the Black Community

IIn an effort to mitigate the effects of the pandemic in the Black Community, while optimizing utilization of
resources improving communication, coordination and organizational performance, SEED Inc. is
implementing a unique combination of project and program management, consisting of five components:
the Health Navigators, Martyrs Memorial Parks, the Food Security Initiative,
Quarantine and Isolation Facilities and
the COVID while BLACK website

The Health Navigators

SEED Inc. has established a reductive, culturally relevant strategy that will employ cadres of peer educators trained to utilize peer influence in order to mitigate infection and health care ignorance.

The Health Navigators are paramedical peer educators trained to address critical community health care needs.

The Martyrs Memorial Park

Traditional concepts of mental health in the Black Community are inadequate for furthering OUR understanding of OUR lives in OUR communities for a number of reasons. Consequently, we are focused on the well-being and future of Black YOUTH, mothers and men in these uncertain times. SEED Inc. is developing a Martyrs Memorial Park in remembrance of victims of COVID. These approaches will mitigate disequilibrium and restore balance.

Quarantine and Isolation Facilities

We must have spaces to quarantine and or isolate family members suffering from COVID in order to mitigate spread. In response to the surge of coronavirus patients overwhelming Black communities across the USA, we must create to Quarantine and Isolation Facilities.

Our backs are against the wall.

Temporary hospitals have been set up in parking lots, stadiums, parks and repurposed abandoned buildings. Q & I facilities inside buildings have more bed space, but tent structures can be set up nearly anywhere – and quickly.

The Food Security Initiative

“Food Security” refers to the availability of healthy food and one’s access to it. Food security may be compromised by a lack of available food, the conditions of poverty, or because of natural and man-made disasters. We take a holistic approach to eliminating and being able to survive within food deserts. Methods to grow food from wherever you live must be taught and learned.


and of course, the COVID while BLACK website